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My Bloody Valentine Guitar Tabs

To everyone who has been to this site before, I'm sorry that I didn't get it back up sooner. I have not maintained this site in well over a year and was completely unaware that it was offline until someone emailed me to let me know. Because this site is no longer being maintained, I've decided to drop the HTML pages and simply provide tabs. This will also minimize the number of banner ads and pop-up windows that you have to suffer through.

Though I no longer have a guestbook, I would enjoy to hear from anyone who visited the site. You can email me at I'll try to answer any questions that anyone might have. For those of you who have questions regarding equipment or studio technique, I highly recommend reading the following article. This article will tell you everything that I am aware of regarding the types of guitars and effects that Kevin used on these records and how he got some of those amazing sounds. Some of the other articles on that site might provide some information as well.

To those of you who emailed new tabs and suggestions on improving the existing tabs, I apologize for not posting them. I lost most of my older guestbook emails, so I no longer have any of those old emails or the addresses of the people who sent them. By the way, I will not be adding any more tabs to the site or making changes to any existing tabs. These tabs are simply here for anyone who still wants them. I will not be maintaining the site either, so if for some reason this site is taken down again, I will not be looking for a new host. So far, Prohosting have been great. I hadn't logged in to their site in well over a year and they haven't dropped me yet. However, if someone would like to actively host these tabs in my place, please feel free to do so. I still have the old HTML pages and images if anyone is interested.

To those of you who haven't been to the site before, enjoy the tabs; I hope that they are useful.

Download all tabs:

View individual songs:
All I Need
Another Rainy Saturday
Blown A Wish
By the Danger In Your Eyes
Can I Touch You
Cigarette In Your Bed
Come In Alone
Cupid Come
Don't Ask Why
Emptiness Inside
Feed Me With Your Kiss
Honey Power
I Don't Need You
I Need No Trust
I Only Said
Kiss the Eclipse
Lose My Breath
Lose Yourself In Me
Moon Song
Never Say Goodbye
No More Sorry
Nothing Much To Lose
Off Your Face
Only Shallow
She Loves You No Less
Soft As Snow
Strawberry Wine
To Here Knows When
We're So Beautiful
What You Want
When You Sleep
When You Wake (You're Still In A Dream)
You Made Me Realise
You Never Should